Common Mistakes Preventing To Earn On Forex


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Common Mistakes Preventing To Earn On ForexEach trader beginner is recommended to study carefully the mistakes which are already made by others not to fill the cones, and not to dissipate for nothing, in the majority, the small deposit.

The most widespread mistakes leading to losses:

  • don’t begin the aimless biddings – for each movement in the market there shall be a conscious reason and careful calculation, any “and that will be if I try this piece” or “it is simple with boredom”;
  • excess manifestation of emotions – they are good in private life and are absolutely inappropriate in such hard and hard work as trade on Forex, having given in to emotions, you can incorrectly determine the size of a rate and time of an entrance and exit;
  • never try to jump above yourself – don’t take part in the biddings exceeding 1/15 your deposits, and in a case with currency options, even 1/20;
  • don’t repeat the mistake – carefully analyze not only successful, but also unsuccessful transactions, having determined the step which led to a failure you will be able to avoid it in further work;
  • never trade in the angry condition which appeared as a result of loss in transactions, at best, you can leave ahead of schedule the biddings and lose a part of profit.

Anyway, it will be useful for each beginner to get the trade magazine that not only to conduct the statistics, but also to fix both successful, and wrong actions, and their results. Only such systematic approach to case will help you to become the successful trader.


I Would Like To Be A Forex Trader. Who Will Teach Me?


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I Would Like To Be A Forex Trader. Who Will Teach Me?For everyone it is clear that to the beginner who came for the first time to the market Forex, without knowledge, without experience, shines nothing. However, It can’t be that hard, and any profession it is possible to learn.

The best option is to master independently the trader’s profession. In case of modern development of the Internet, all necessary for this purpose, information is there, in direct access for any user. What can be better than the knowledge constructed on the information which is independently found, verified with other sources and personally checked in practice? And here appears “but”, not all future traders, and such the majority, have skills of self-education.

For the conservative majority there are other, classical acquisition methods of necessary knowledge. The first of them is mass rates. They can be various by the form – the internal seminars and webinars, occupation online reminding distance training in higher education institutions. Such training will cost to you from 50 dollars to several hundred, but the gained knowledge, of course, is more expensive.

The second opportunity is to find to itself the mentor for individual training. If the mentor really professional trader, you acquire not only general knowledge, but also mass of specific skills on which work of the successful dealer is based. This knowledge and experience will also not manage to you free of charge.

The main difficulty of these methods to find worthy teachers among nearly two million offers in the Internet. Here you will be helped by numerous forums of traders, verification of licenses and certificates, and don’t forget about intuition – once it is necessary to start it to develop.

Swindlers In Forex Market


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Swindlers In Forex MarketWe think for anybody won’t become news that in the market Forex on which huge amounts of money address, too are swindlers. It and isn’t surprising where there is good money, there will be dishonest businessmen sooner or later. They actually are everywhere where there is money and therefore any trader needs to know about their tricks and to show consideration for a choice of the broker and work, further with it.

One of widespread types of fraud is manipulation with spreads. If the spread for the major currency pairs, usually, is in limits of 2-3 points, unfair brokers can expose it in the amount of 6-7 points. It would seem what a trifle! And if the regular trader, carries out in day of 2-3 transactions, and such traders at the broker it is some hundreds?

The following option of deception, is hunting for feet. Possessing all information on transactions of the trader, the swindler can deliver the false information leading to losses. There are lots of methods of fraud, and all in our article simply won’t be located. The exit one – carefully to approach criteria of a choice of the broker, and it is obligatory to check, whether there is it in lists of the regulatory institutes operating in your country.

Except dishonest brokers, on the Internet you will meet the mass of deceivers’ profitable systems, super exact indicators, absolutely reliable advisers and the robots which without efforts are starting working one million a day offering 100%. Attentively check information on this “field of wonders” and you don’t hurry to register in travel to “the country of fools”.

About Trend Lines In Forex Market


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About Trend Lines In Forex MarketTrend around which all core business in the market Forex develops. And therefore, creation of trend lines by right the most popular form of the technical analysis which unfortunately isn’t rather correctly used generally because of their insufficiently exact creation.

According to requirements of the theory, the correct trend line is drawn on minima (lines of support) on the ascending trend, and on maxima (lines of resistance) on the descending. In case of what, for creation of a trend line it will be required to you at least two main maxima or a minimum, and it is even better on three.

Differentiate three main trend types:

  • the ascending trend, it means that each subsequent maximum or a minimum are located above previous, it appears if demand the long time exceeds the offer and causes increase of a currency rate;
  • the descending trend, also, each subsequent minimum or a maximum are located below previous, means that the offer exceeded demand and the rate started going down;
  • the lateral trend, in other words, or “flat” a neutral trend (flat), on quite long site there are no considerable changes in price.

Always it is necessary to trace a trend line tilt angle, the more a corner from a horizontal, the less are hopes for stability of a trend and probability, in the near future its break through. The most reliable information it is possible to receive from a trend line after testing it the price. The basic rule is drawing accuracy, without attempts to adjust it to the market.

How To choose Broker on Forex


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How To choose Broker on ForexIn case of thought of need to choose to itself the broker for permanent job in the market Forex, the housewife rummaging in a tray with cabbage in a supermarket is represented unless the number of brokers will significantly exceed the quantity of cabbage. Therefore for informal approach to this case it is required to choose selection criteria on which to try to eliminate improper brokers:

  • responsibility, nobody will give money to the unknown first comer when there are special institutes estimating law-abidingness of applicants is NFA and CFTC in the USA, FSA in Great Britain, ASIC in Australia, SFBC in Switzerland, BaFIN in Germany, AMF in France;
  • the broker’s price – each of them appoints spread, proceeding from the reasons and opportunities, and you need to solve, whether the low spread not too will cost much, whether there is it reliability;
  • input and output of means very important issue, ease for movement of money it is simply necessary, and problems in it force to doubt reliability of the broker;
  • the trade system – often depends on convenience of work also its success therefore the information trade platform shall have surely the convenient and clear interface, a news line and accurate display of necessary information, the built-in tools and indicators;
  • execution of orders – accurate and fast, it is especially important for fans of a scalping, but there is at least and for all traders;
  • customer support – surely estimate the broker’s attitude towards clients after introduction of the deposit, it is important as many are very polite with perspective clients, ignore them after introduction of money.

MetaTrader4 Information – Commercial Platform On Forex


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MetaTrader4 Information - Commercial Platform On ForexThe MetaQuotes Software Corp company is a developer of a trade platform of MetaTrader4 (and also versions 1,2,3 and the latest 5) which is considered one of the most popular in the stock markets. Except the Forex market (exchange market), it is suitable for use in the Futures markets (the market of futures) and CFD (the market of contracts for a difference of the prices). The MetaTrader4 platform allows to make the comprehensive analysis of a situation in the market and to perform commercial transactions.

The trader needs to establish the client MetaTrader4 terminal, the specialized program adapted by each broker under the needs and opportunities on the computer, the smartphone or the tablet and to receive online all important and necessary news, quotations of currencies, to perform trading activities, quickly to manage the transactions.

If programming is familiar to you, using the MetaQuotesLanguage 4 language, you can build the unique trade system, having built in trade platform additional indicators, scripts, different additional functions and automatic advisers.

Except the received flexibility of management of trade process opportunity to automate the trading activity is very valuable to any trader. It will be pleasant to everyone a situation when the trader sleeps, and the profit goes. And though everything isn’t so simple, the system of this kind will demand a lot of time and efforts to development and testing, such opportunity exists.

Main Platforms For Forex Market Participants


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Main Platforms For Forex Market ParticipantsThe trading activity on Forex the market, from its emergence, was very profitable therefore traders thought up a set of methods of investments into it. The most demanded markets from them it is a spot the market, the markets of futures and mutual funds

The spot the market intends for sale and purchase of currency, at the market price, at the time of the transaction, as if “on a place”. Here it is very simple to traders to trade, broad round-the-clock access and an adequate liquidity of the traded goods. Here the size of your equity isn’t important, and it is possible to receive free of charge all analytics and the freshest quotations from brokers.

The market of futures differs in lower liquidity and limited term of work, in comparison about a spot by the market. Futures contracts represent the liability on purchase or sale of some asset, for certain future date. These contracts are carried out according to specially developed standard and traded on centralized platforms, such as in London, Chicago and New York, with full access to each transaction, they are rather safe, thanks to accurate regulation.

The traded mutual funds (ETFs) it is rather new opportunities of the market Forex. They include some currency types and the stock indexes. They are traded also on centralized exchange platforms and not round the clock, but also is slightly more expensive than other tools because of the additional commissions and charges which appeared thanks to inclusion of the stock indexes.

Who Are The Participants Of Forex Market?


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Who Are The Participants Of Forex Market?Of course, the main participants of the Forex market and in combination and the main market makers are Central Banks. They not only bring bulk of currency to the market, but also make key impact on currency rates. As at least important participants banks and the largest international corporations of the world act, they are responsible for the greatest share foreign exchange (or conversion) transactions in the world.

However, real currency exchange interests minority of the traders feeling need for a certain currency for accomplishment of the perspective projects. The same banks, corporations, the large companies, and also hedge funds which arose recently, firms consultants on trade in the futures markets and private investors, occupied with the speculative transactions already 80% of the market of currency exchange.

The greatest change happens among private investors. Not very long ago it was occupation for a narrow elite layer of the wealthy men having access to the market of currency exchange. Then, with development of means of communication and emergence of personal computers, the circle of the devoted extended at the expense of wealthy men who were able to afford these innovations. Emergence of the Internet and a general computerization, and especially development of mobile communication and such devices as smartphones and tablets made the market Forex truly general. Now practically any, having invested couple of hundred dollars, can take part in the biddings on Forex, make it if not the basic, then an additional source of the income.

Trading on Forex Or Work?


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Trading on Forex Or Work?Many beginning traders who especially tasted the first results of successful transactions start reflecting, and whether isn’t necessary to them, to give up the main work completely to plunge into the sea of the exchange biddings. They consider that their profit will repeatedly increase if they carry out 8, or even it is more, hours in front of the screen of the computer. This wrong opinion and that is why:

  • the first progresses weren’t made you the professional of trading yet, and for an experience accumulation period, and availability of the fixed income promotes quieter, verified actions in trade;
  • yes the analysis is crucial in trade in currencies, however, most of traders are mistaken when think that the round-the-clock absorption of information will significantly affect a correctness of the made decisions – 15 minutes since morning i15 minutes in the evening, according to specialists, there is quite enough for the analysis;
  • to distract from the market Forex and to regulate the work on it is just necessary, it disciplines your thinking, without allowing too frequent trade, promotes deliberation and adjusting of each decision;
  • reduction of risks – work becomes additional, and doesn’t put psychological pressure need of livelihood, it will positively affect success of transactions and experience assimilation;
  • the most successful time for the analysis – the end of the biddings at the New York exchange falls on the late evening in Moscow, and the main work doesn’t disturb the quiet analysis in any way;
  • it is less than transactions, it to the best, they are thought over, accurately verified and have more chances of the profitable termination.

Trade At Market Forex From Mobile Devices


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Trade At Market Forex From Mobile DevicesStock exchange trading, exists not the first century, and continues the development and presently. The market Forex which arose on fragments of Bretton-Vudsky system develops even more promptly. Development of technical progress, emergence of computers and the Internet, made unnecessary personal contact of traders with representatives of the broker and dealing companies, infinitely expanded a circle of possible participants. You can be anywhere; the computer connected to the Internet will help to perform currency transactions worldwide.

Even on travel, in the presence of Internet access, the trader could continue the activities.

And the next achievement of producers of high-technology products is smartphones and tablets. According to the characteristics, they don’t yield to computers of last generations any more, and by means of the mobile Internet, allow performing any trade actions practically everywhere.

The software which is specially created for this purpose, the trader has an opportunity, despite of a place, time and in any situation to continue to be engaged in the analysis of the obtained data and to carry out actions for purchase and sale, to control and manage action of the automatic assistants. All know that timeliness of actions directly influences increase in profitability and decrease in losses for the trader.

Not bad mobile version of the widespread version of a trade platform of Metatrader 4 proved.